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Bula Akamu is a musician, singer/songwriter, and recording artist based out of the Big Island of Hawaii, serving all of the Hawaiian islands and mainland US. His sweet and soulful falsetto voice, charisma, and MC skills have earned him the reputation as Hawaii’s premier wedding and special events musician. Hundreds of five star reviews praise his ability to emotionally move crowds and leave a lasting memory on all those who attend.

Growing up in Pahala, a small sugar cane plantation town on the Big Island of Hawaii, he didn’t have much. What he did have was his ‘ukulele which would prove to be a treasure greater than any sum of money could bring him. Pahala town doesn’t have any luxurious hotels or extravagant buildings, but it does emit a sense of aloha and love for the ‘aina (land), kai (ocean), and its po‘e (people). This embodiment of aloha is its greatest commodity and what molded Bula for his future.

Growing up as a young boy dealing with academic and monetary struggles, he didn’t have a lot of confidence in himself or faith that he could excel and be an inspiration to others. He looked to his father, guidance counselor, and family musicians as mentors who taught him dedication and self confidence. Coming from a family of entertainers ignited within him a love of music. With the encouragement of his mentors, that love would grow to shape his personality, career, and later his community as well. Bula developed a passion for learning as he began to master the ‘ukulele. This helped him on his journey to find an inner voice and ultimately pride in the musician and person he was becoming.

His dedication to music earned his acceptance into the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. There he studied music education and performance, earning a Master’s in Guitar. Back in Hawaii, he performed nightly as a luau musician and deepened his knowledge of the various Polynesian languages and cultures.


As a solo artist, he refined his focus to contemporary and Hawaiian music and became an island favorite playing at venues all across Hawaii. Bula’s love for music and his extensive training left an unparalleled experience unique to each event. Leading the state in five star reviews, he has made a name for himself in the wedding industry and created an entertainment company, Bula Music and Performing Arts. Its mission focuses on providing an array of live music and Polynesian entertainment options, bringing high energy and setting the perfect mood throughout all of the special moments of a couple’s big day.

Knowing how his personal mentors helped to shape his life, Bula had an overwhelming drive to become a youth mentor himself. After college, he worked for six years as an elementary music and Hawaiian studies teacher. His program started with six kids and some dusty, unstrung ‘ukuleles and grew into a program teaching hundreds of students. Given the opportunity of being a Kumu (teacher), he wanted to introduce music into children’s lives in a way that would shape how they see themselves and allow them to become a leader for others.


He later founded his own music school, Akamu Music Academy which focuses on self- development, health, and perpetuating island culture through living in pono (righteousness). His academy provides free weekly lessons and scholarships to those interested in furthering their music. Kumu Bula’s students have performed all over the Big Island and have won numerous awards sharing their music and aloha.