​Bula Akamu is a Professional Singer / Guitarist / Songwriter who grew up in Pahala, Hawaii with a musical and entertaining family.  His love for music took him to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where he studied music education and performance, earning a Master’s degree in Guitar.  


While his main focus is on Contemporary and Hawaiian music, his sweet and soulful falcetto voice transcends music genres to create a unique sound and experience.


​Bula lives on the big island Hawaii with his wife Ashley and his son Anai.

Their love & endless support inspire every lyric he writes & each note he sings.

Book Bula for your event

Bula is known for his charisma as an emcee and ability to work the crowd, feel the mood and created the perfect customized music selection for you and your wedding guests. Bula is connected with you during every planning step prior to your wedding day..

akamu music academy

Bula’s other love is teaching where he runs his own music school, Akamu Music Academy.

His students have performed all over the Big Island and have won numerous first place awards.